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"That was the moment she realized the romance was already gone." Cuddy.

"Just say the word and we will climb out of that window right now." Wilson.

"Edelstein is the moon to Laurie's sun." DS

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House Week

Day 5: Favorite episode- "5 to 9" Season 6, Episode 13

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So, this what Regina and Robin’s story would be like in my mind had it been presented in a romantic comedy film. The strong, independent, ex Evil(?) Queen and single mother that stumbles upon her soulmate, a strong, independent, ex Outlaw and single father! Sassy, snarky and hot! All the good ingredients for an awesome story, plus the exceptional Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire, with a little (ok, ALOT) help by our fav Tinkerbell, Rose McIver! I did this a couple of days after the Paris con, which gave me like a gazillion ideas for videos about OQ and about OUAT. Hopefully study time will let me make them all during the summer hiatus.



House Week | Day 5: Favorite Episode

↳5.06 Joy. "Just ‘cause you got approved by an adoption agency doesn’t mean you’ll get approved by the birth mother. You’re a single mom. That puts you somewhere below couples that are acquitted in daycare scandals."

Anonymous asked: "Cameron/Hameron was literally the worst. I still cannot stand Jennifer Morrison in anything because of that character, and the fact that Hameron shippers were/are still so adamant about them having feelings for one another drives me up the wall. They had their shot at a romance. It failed. There was nothing more to it. Why can't they just drop it?"

Ive had that problem for a long time. Cameron really is annoying if you ask me. I like the character in some episodes but my first reaction is always to critcize her. I think leaving house was really great for her and she grew up so much. But she still has that moral aspect i dont like. I really think what house and her had wasnt romance. She was young, attractive, she wanted to change him, he tried for lke ten episodes to believe she could be someone for him. I dont call that love. She had a crush, and well, i dont have a word for house… an opportunity? I’d say, you dont choose what you ship. Sometimes you even love ships that wont ever happen and im sure werent even thought by the writers. But where i agree with you it’s when you say they should drop it. I dont mean the ship. But the whole war against people who dont like it. House has to evolve, and when he did, it was with cuddy. They blamed writers because they did not like the ship accusing them of shoving it down their throats but they forget that something had to change in the show at some point. Same with olivia. She wasnt replacing cameron. Cameron left, she got another job in the hospital, she was less present because of several thingq none of them had anything to do with olivia. Writers thought they could write for thirteen, they did. It hardly became ‘thirteen md’ she had a storyline. So did cuddy. So did wilson. So did taub. House was still the mi character and i thibk some people get so mad they actually stop thinking.

And again, to conclude, to me, hameron having romantic feelings is a weird notion. They got the whole thing wrong. Tried to date for wrong reasons and all. And idk when cameron came to house in s6 and was like ‘i loved you’ it felt really wrong to me kind of like writers tried to do something great for hameron fans when, lets be honest, they had blown up the ship. House was pursuing cuddy at that point and cameron was married. And im glad they gave us another episode for chameron because i was mad that she said goodbye to house but her goodbye with chase is left out. (Even though i love the scene in which she leaves chase, i cry everytime and it’s really powerful).

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theunderwatergentleman asked: "Perhaps you've already gotten messages about this, but the gifset you posted about Cuddy and the adoption process is misquoted. The line is "acquitted in daycare scandals", meaning "found not-guilty in court". Thought you should know while the post is young"

No, i havent thank you so muxh for telling me! And it was quite a silly mistake, i didnt pay attention… im not from an english speaking country and i do not have english subtexts on my dvds… i thought the site i used was reliable, apparently it isnt! Anyway, thank you for tzlling me, i just changed that :)!

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